Instrument and Anaesthetic Apparatus Drying Cabinets

Malmet manufacture a range of drying cabinets for instruments including surgical equipment, ancillary equipment, respiratory tubing and face masks.

  • Designed to dry surgical instruments, respiratory tubing, face masks
  • Handles large loads with any combination of tubes, masks and parts
  • Connects to standard hospital power outlets
  • Compact design
  • Double wall stainless steel construction 
  • Double glazed doors
  • Dual over temperature cut-out and cabinet pre-set temperature of 70C
  • Compliance to AS 5330 Drying Cabinets for Reusable Medical Device
  • Available also as "Pass Through" Cabinets

Accessories: Anaesthetic Bag Holder, Tube Holder Rack, Full Width Wire Shelf, Part Width Wire Shelf.


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