Washer Disinfectors: WDS - Combination Bedpan / Urinal Bottle / Utensil Washer

Washer Disinfectors: WDS - Combination Bedpan / Urinal Bottle / Utensil Washer

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The WDS is the only Australian manufactured Combination Washer Disinfector on the market. Designed to process both human waste containers and utensils in the single machine.

  • The only combination utensil & bedpan washer disinfector made in Australia
  • Large capacity - 4 bottles and 2 bedpans, or any combination of utensils (tooth mugs, sputum bowls, kidney bowls, basins, etc)
  • Energy efficient - 20 Amps (Available as single phase, 240V or 3ph, 415V)
  • Sensors – to minimise risk of incorrect program being selected
  • Simple, hands free operation - 3 standard cycles (bottles only, bedpans and bottles, utensils), to minimise infection risk
  • Steam disinfecting 
  • USB interface for uploading usage history, temperature & cycle validation & digital fault display
  • Infection Control: Microbiologically tested by independent NATA certified laboratory
  • Compliance: ISO 13485 & ISO 9001
  • Utensil racking (included)

The Combination Bedpan and Utensil Washer Disinfector is both energy efficient and robust to handle a large capacity. This product combines two units in one providing great space savings in wards and utility rooms. Malmet products are locally made so spare parts are readily available and quick to source.


  • 92-5033 - Kidney dish rack
  • 92-5153  - Jug holder rack for 3 x 1ltr jugs
  • 91-5235  - Utensil basket – 465mm x 265mm x 115mm 


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WDS - Combination Bedpan / Urinal Bottle / Utensil Washer (flyer)

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Malmet Detergent (MSD Sheet)

WDS Operation, Maintenance and Installation Manual

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