Washer Disinfectors: WDT2.1 - Utensil Bowl Washer - Top Loaded

Washer Disinfectors: WDT2.1 - Utensil Bowl Washer - Top Loaded

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The WDT Utensil Bowl Washer is the workhorse of the product range, it is known for it’s reliable, simple design. Although the aesthetics have not changed over the years the components and electronics have been updated to ensure the necessary standards are satisfied.

  • Top loading heavy duty, purpose-built utensil washer
  • User friendly single button start
  • Computer monitored door lock safety mechanism
  • Large capacity
  • Used for kidney dishes, sputum bowls, tooth mugs, etc
  • Temperature display
  • Visual detergent refill indicator
  • Compliance:  ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

Malmet's Washer Disinfectors are purpose and engineered to last a lifetime. The machines are user friendly, simple to operate and have single button operation. Ergonomically designed, instruments and bowls are easy to reach even with its large capacity tank.



  • 81-5116 - Instrument basket 



WDT2.1 - Utensil Bowl Washer - Top Loaded Washer Disinfector (flyer)

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Malmet Detergent (MSD Sheet)

WDT2.1 Operation, Maintenance and Installation Manual

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