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One of the cornerstones underpinning Malmet is our commitment to excellence in customer service.

At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, our integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business.
Malmet Service Technicians are comprehensively factory trained and certified, offering professional, efficient and knowledgeable service.

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Urgent service/breakdown requests are attended to within a 24 hr period.

Malmet prides itself on achieving outstanding customer service satisfaction, obtaining 9/10 and higher on all Customer Service Quality Audits.


Preventative Maintenance Agreements

With the changes to the Healthcare Industry accreditation process more facilities are required to show that all equipment is maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Malmet recognises this need and are pleased to offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA) for all Malmet products and Validation Testing and Certification in accordance with AS 5369 and ISO 15883.

Ensure equipment is always working to your standards.

PMA's take into consideration the quality, age and usage of the products to give the most suitable scheduled competitive agreement tailored to the facility’s requirements. 

Malmet or its authorised service agents can offer a competitive, professional PMA tailored to your organisation. 


Thermal Validation

The Malmet Service Team conducts thermal validation and efficacy testing for washer disinfectors.

We conduct these tests as required to Australian standard (AS 5369).

The test is done by using a thermal validator and placing 12 temperature probes inside the washer disinfector chamber to validate the unit is disinfecting correctly. This is confirmed when the disinfector value (AO) is reached.

We conduct thermal validation annually and this service is included in your Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA). For clients who do not have a PMA and require thermal validation for their washer disinfector, please call us to discuss and request a quote.

Have peace of mind.

Thermal Validation will ensure that your equipment is performing correctly, meeting Australian standards and keeping your staff and patients safe.


Service Throughout Australia

Contact the following Malmet Trained and Certified Agents for all your Malmet Equipment Service:



Malmet (Australia) Pty Ltd

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Selkirk Hospital Services Pty Ltd 

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Babich Maintenance & Steriliser Services Pty Ltd

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All Catering Maintenance Pty Ltd

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 | 08 8276 9922



Washtub Dr 

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Evocare Pty Ltd

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Zima Services

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