Combination Warming Cabinets 

Combination warming cabinets have the combined features of the blanket warming cabinets and the fluid warming cabinets.

The combination warming cabinets will help to reduce the risk of hypothermic reaction, post-operative discomfort and stress in patients. The Blankets are gently heated to restore body temperature post-surgery, and assist thermo-regulation. The fluid warming section of the combination cabinets the only safe and accurate method of determining and maintaining saline, irrigation, glycene, parenteral and IPD fluid temperature to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Combination warming cabinets are recommended for Recovery, Maternity, General Ward, Theatre, Specialist and Intensive Care Units.

Maximise the space available by combining blanket and fluid warming cabinets. Malmet supplies a comprehensive range of blanket and fluid warming cabinets, available as stand alone, wall recessed, on castors or as combination units.


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